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IMG_0567.JPGAn aerial view provides an overall picture that is simply not possible from ground level. Use our aerial photography to see the entire scope of a property, or to demonstrate the advantages of its location and show access routes and neighbouring developments. Aerial photographs make perfect legal documents, planning tools, presentation aids, promotional or marketing materials. And, of course, they are a wonderful way to showcase your property.

UpHighPhotos Aerial Photography offer a bird's-eye view that is perfect for exterior architecture, building progress shots, golf courses, insurance agencies, news & development, surveying, land planning, real estate, and much more. The Radio Controlled Helicopter allows us to offer extraordinary aerial photography & video. Imagery from lower elevations allows for greater detail than aerial images taken from an airplane. Now you can see more than just a roof top.

We offer you quality aerial images with our unique radio controlled helicopter.  Quite different than a typical airplane job: We provide you photos that are rich in detail, immersive, and without all of the haze.  Applications for this service include architectural planning, construction progress photos, tower inspection, commercial roof & structure inspection, real estate marketing, news broadcast, insurance investigation, etc.

UpHighPhotos specialises in creating custom aerial photography for real estate and variety of applications for personal and commercial usage.

In the old days, if you wanted an aerial photo of your house, land, construction site, commercial building, farm or anything else, you had to hire a pilot and plane at the cost of $500 to $1,000 or more.

We are able to cater to your requirements, for both "Still Photos" and high quality "Digital Video" aerial imagery.

So you know you want a shot from the air, but you aren't quite sure how to describe what it is you are looking for?   We are happy to discuss options and present aerial samples prior to doing any work for you, to ensure we are on the same page and achieve the desired outcome for you.  Customer satisfaction is always paramount to us.